Picture Show: Soggy Pear-Ginger Tarte Tatin

29 November 2010

Three D'Anjou (one of which is unripe), and one Comice. More a compulsion than a desire for the end result.

Ginger in butter. Ginger was not something I wanted to taste in the tart at this point. It didn't smell right. Adding it to the tart was just something I wanted to do.

Boiling sugar before it begins to brown. The pear on the right is awfully green. It won't taste like much of anything, but it will make the tart look right, have the right proportions.

Rolled out pastry with a patch.

At this point I removed the pan from the heat. The Comice is the larger halves.

Because you need before and after photos of the crust.

The brown juice on the edges? Much of it spilled off the side of the plate when I inverted it from the pan to the plate.

Despite this, the tart, I suspect because of the Comice, was soggy. But it looks good, don't you think?