Observations on Nothing in Particular

At a certain age, yelling is not loud. It's a nonvolume. Not at all certain that these sounds reach anyone. Not even certain that the sounds are sounds, but uncertainty implies thinking.

If painted pearl, cars can reflect so much sunlight that they're very difficult to see, except insofaras the points at which they blind you are abundantly apparent. If you're moving, or these cars are moving, their self-dazzlement is a reminder of their changing location. Parked, looking at them is as mesmerizing as it is painful: very mildly.

  1. 1. When a robin doesn't fly away when approached, it's an audacious little bastard. This is thought.
  2. 2. The erotics of wildlife are awfully familiar. A shy animal is exciting, a bold one is lewd. Another thought.
  3. 3. (1) and (2) don't make much of a story. Not much of a thought.
  4. 4. Someone who can narrate their thoughts without being defensive or boring, and without trying too hard to entertain, deserves awe.
  5. 5. (4) sounds a lot like the ideal animal, doesn't it?
  6. 6. (5) is defensive.

Teeth itch, but can't be scratched.

There's little difference between staring idly at browser tabs, and staring idly at objects in a room. The latter, however, makes better cinema.

It's not surprising that someone whose job is to plan off-campus activities for students is not at all cognizant of the structural problems in their efforts to create belonging. Nonetheless, when such a person states that their policy is "I just tell 'em to get out there!," it's depressing.

Anyone who isn't an idiot doesn't think of the historical past as merely that foolish time before we understood what we do now, yet it is an almost universally accepted way of thinking about oneself.

Charm is impossible to trust, like Deloware, and charm is impossible to ruffle, like Deloware.

There may not be different kinds of objects. To a young goat, everything is a potential platform, however precarious. To a goat in heat, everything is sex. To the insufferable, everything is encouragement.

If everything is insufferable, everything is sufferable, even pleasant. Well, only if everything were perfect.

24 April 2013