If you sleep early, will you wake up early?

If you bake the dough, will it rise?

If a word is German and you speak English, is the word funny?

If you eat something that is "versunken," what happens?

If you are onboard ship at night, are there lights?

If there are lights at night, are you onboard a ship?

If you are onboard a ship and nobody else thinks so, how old are you?

If you move while others do not, are you moved?

If you are not moved, do you move?

If, while onboard, you pass an iceberg, does it wave?

If the ship strikes an iceberg, does the iceberg break?

If the iceberg breaks, did the iceberg strike the ship?

If an iceberg does strike the ship, does the ship move?

If the ship moves, do you notice?

If the ship does not move, is it sturdy, or is it sunk?

If you go inside, is it cold or are you?

If you put on a coat, are you more free?

If you are hot blooded, do your nerves work?

If an iceberg felt, would the arctic ocean feel warm?

If the ocean felt, which would feel pride of the other: the iceberg, or the ocean?

If one were proud, would the other hate?

If we are globally warmer, is there more iceberg birthing?

If you are warm in bed, are icebergs breaking?

If one does not break, will you sleep?

13 December 2012