Fancy Ramen (actually Udon)

The bouillon I used isn't much of an improvement over the powdered broth in packets of ramen: still chock full of MSG.  You could use less nasty broth obviously--I'm planning on it next time.

~4 cups water

1/2 cube chicken bouillon

2 teaspoons tamari

1 small garlic clove

1 small (~2cm cube) piece fresh ginger

1/4 fresh jalapeno

1 mushroom

1 heaping tablespoon green onions

3oz udon

1 egg

Begin heating the water in a medium pot on high heat.  Chop the garlic, the quarter of a jalapeno, and the mushroom.  Cut off the skin of the piece of ginger.  Drop these into the pot, along with the bouillon and tamari.  When the water boils, add the dry udon.  Chop the green onions into pieces with larger diameter than depth.  Try a noodle every few minutes.  When they're almost done, crack the egg into the pot.  Crack two, if you like.  Scrape the bottom with a spoon or spatula to keep the egg from sticking.  Boil it for a little more than a minute, then turn off the heat, add the green onions, and serve.

3 October 2009