Comic Timing

I've never understood how to recount a break. (A surprise, a jolt, a disjunction.) Probably I lack comic timing. By the time I've gotten to the punchline, it seems to me, everyone is or ought to be bored by all the qualifications. My recourse is to skip over the key moment, looping back around and around. The details accrete, but not like they do in a 3D printer.

And then there's punctuation. Does this belong in the previous paragraph? I never could quite explain what happened on the way to the party. I was just ahead of where I ought to be. There were no marks on me, but I thought how rattled I felt must have glared. Where one wants scraped knees and beauty cuts on the face as evidence, I was just two frames of an animation. Part of me was still riding through the parking lot, hadn't yet hit the handlebars, the barrier invisible, maybe just not there.

Does one remember the exception or the rule? I've walked diagonally through this parking lot for years and years, only once biked. When I biked through it at night I lacked any other cues, so I followed the rule diagonally.

14 July 2015