aspiring to be rectangular almond cookies

What I did was... Whisked together melted butter, quite a bit of both brown and white sugar, and an egg.  Added about a cup and a half of chopped almonds, and half a cup of "currant" raisins.  Added a little splash of almond extract, few large pinches of cinnamon, a quarter (grated off) of a nutmeg, and a large pinch of baking powder.  Mixed in handfuls of white flour until it became a very soft dough.  Baked tablespoon sized dollops at 350 F until a little browned.

What should be done is to make just enough dough to hold together the almonds and currants.  This dough should be sweeter and less starchy (mostly butter, egg, and sugar).  The dough should be formed into large shallow rectangles that are cut into strips like biscotti when just out of the oven.

12 October 2009